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purpose The purpose of the Circle is twofold: technical and social.  The fleet of Nicholsons, however beautifully and well built they are, is ageing. To deal with the flaws that come with age, there is an ever increasing demand for spares and knowledge. Most owners have already had to take care of a more or less major problem and can share there experience with others. A circle like ours can take care of a healthy exchange of information. Apart from the technical side there is, of course, the social aspect of the Circle. We like nothing better than to look at all this beauty. And nothing is more fun than to start a lively discussion about our boats over a nice glass of something.

meetings Organising meetings takes care of both the technical and the social goal. Therefore, we hold twee meetings a year. The ‘Dry’ Meeting, without the boats, somewhere in the centre of the Netherlands, usually in February or March; and the ‘Wet’ Meeting, with as many boats as possible, in principle alternating between the IJsselmeer area and the SW Rhine and Meuse Delta area. Even a visit to Belgium may be possible.

Gezusterlijk langszij aan de Vecht in Vreeland Nicholsons zeilend op het IJmeer aankomst in Steenbergen voor de reunie 2004

founding De NicholsonCircle was founded in the year 2002. After a casual meeting in the Veere locks, initiators Jan Spaans (Nic35 Green Falcon) and Jan-Willem Vismans (formerly of Nic35 Pulsar), and probably many others, went around the marinas in the Low Countries, looking for Nicholsons. The resuylt was a first list of approximately 30 yachts in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

Sluis Veere 2000-1.jpg sluis Veere 2000-2.jpg
membership Hurray for the internet. Membership is inexpensive; communication is almost exclusively via email and internet. We ask a yearly contribution of € 15,- That pays for the website hosting and domain registration. And regularly for a round of drinks during the meetings. Obviously, everyone pays his own harbour fees and his own meals during our meetings.

Do you wish to become a member, or do you have any questions? Please click here and send us a message. The webmaster will contact you shortly.

sister associations There are a couple of Nicholson associations active in the UK, where our beautiful boats were created. There is an association for Nicholsons 31, of which you can find the website here, and one for the owners of Nicholsons 38, which you can visit here. There used to be an association for the Nicholson 35, but it no longer seems active. Should anyone have more recent information, we would appreciate it if you would drop us a line.



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