Below are a number of links*. Of course from members’ adventures or their own websites, but also from sister organisations. If you have your own website, or if you come across another interesting site, please respond to this page and send us the link. The links must obviously be related in some way to Nicholson yachts.

Lady Jane naar de Azoren
Nicholson 43 Stardust
Annelies en Donald naar Zweden
Nicholson 48 Heerenleed

Camelot naar Denemarken
Nicholson 38 Owners Group

*Some links point directly to a web page. Just click to open them. Other links point to a PDF that is hosted in the Google Drive of the Nicholson Circle. It is easier to download these first and then read them with your local PDF reader (usually your Adobe Reader) and in your desired format.

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