The Nicholson Circle of the Low Countries

or in Dutch, as we are based in the Low Countries: the Nicholsonkring der Lage Landen. This site is about the world-famous Nicholson yachts and is aimed at Nicholson owners in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

Nicholson Yachts in the Netherlands and Belgium. Here a Nic35 and a Nic48 at the september met in isle Marken

Having said that, we do welcome Nicholson owners from other countries. Logically, countries around the North Sea, or from anywhere within a practical distance from our base countries. Nicholson owners anywhere in the wide world are welcome to join us online and participate in our discussions. You will need an automatic translator if you don’t master the Dutch language. The discussions are in our native tongue obviously. We have installed Google Translate to give you a clue of what it is all about. You can answer in English as most of us have enough knowledge of the language to understand you.

On the site you will find the goals of our circle, lots of pictures, the knowledge base where you can find out who can advise you on solving a specific technical problem. Also, there are links to websites by or about Nicholson yachts, the Polyclassics association. Finally, a ‘for sale’ section and, obviously, our blog with the latest. For questions or suggestions, please contact the webmaster. The more feedback the better!

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